The place where the cuckoo blossoms was premiered last night. Hu Shizhong watched the show.

​(reporter Xie Binghua) On the evening of July 10th, the large tea picking song and dance drama the place where the cuckoo blossoms was premiered at the Poly Theater of Ji'an culture and Art Center. Hu Shizhong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Liu Lanfang, Vice Minister of Municipal Committee and propaganda minister Li Jiaxiang, watched the performance with more than 1000 people.
The Pauli theatre in the evening was full of seats. The stage was performed well and the stage was serious. More than 100 minutes of performance, the audience was deeply attracted by the ups and downs of the plot, and was impressed by the firm belief of the characters in the play. A package of salt made the audience feel the selfless and fearlessness of the Red Army; the villain Peng Lieutenant was called in the Red Army, and the audience gave a gratifying voice; Shan Mei devoted himself to the revolution and the audience sighed. , become a brave and firm Red Army soldier... In the warm applause, the evening's public performance came to a close.
Hu Shizhong visited and condolences with the main creative and performing staff, and thanked them. He said that this is a very successful performance, vividly interpreting the spirit of Jinggangshan that transcends time and space. The story of the performance is moving and well grasped the highlights of the turning point. The actors accurately grasped the character's character and full of artistic appeal. When an actor was injured and insisted on performing, Hu Shizhong was very concerned about it and said that his spirit was good. But he should pay attention to body and work and rest. He pointed out that the performance of song and dance drama is somewhat difficult, and we must grasp the rules, combine the movements and plots of the dance, and make it into a great hall.
It is understood that the large tea collection and dance drama the place of the rhododendron flowers is mainly about the end of the 20s of last century, the doctor of God in Ji'an, one of the people was uncontrolled by the Red Army please up the mountain, and later became the story of the Red Army hospital doctor. It is a process of mutual medicine to remould Duan Yixian by the wounded and staff of the Red Army hospital with the spirit of Jinggangshan. Finally, we must keep away from the politics of the Confucian scholar Duan Yi Xian as a brave revolutionary soldier. The play is selected as the 2016 provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department excellent play support project, the 2017 provincial culture hall prosperity project funding project, the National Art Fund 2018 large stage drama support project. Next, the play will also be on tour.
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