All localities are actively deploying anti storm rain and rain.

​(reporter Zhou Jingkang) On July 11th, the reporter learned from the city meteorological department, the eighth typhoon this year, Maria in the 11 morning in the middle of Fujian to the south coast of Zhejiang. Affected by it, from 11 to 12 days, there was an obvious wind and precipitation process in our city. In order to do a good job and ensure the safety of the people's life and property, the departments of all parts of the city are actively deploying precautions and responding in advance to cope with the adverse effects of typhoon weather on production and life.
In response to the arrival of Typhoon Maria, Wan An county sent more than 2000 party members and cadres, and carried out a comprehensive security inspection on more than 3000 water storage projects, more than 100 reservoirs, 63 poverty alleviation workshops and 213 industrial poverty alleviation bases. In the county of Jianfeng village, the village of rice and shrimp co - work in poverty alleviation base, local help cadres are also leading poor households to reinforce the drainage canal surrounding the base, remove the weeds silt in the drainage ditch, and increase the protective net. At the same time, Suichuan County Water Conservancy Bureau is also organizing staff to go deep into rural areas to carry out net inspection. Emphasis is placed on spot checks of reservoirs, reservoirs and wading projects under construction, and timely rectification of existing problems should be made to ensure that safety hazards are excluded.
In view of the geological disasters such as landslides that may be caused by heavy rainfall during the typhoon, the power supply departments all over the world have done a good job of investigating and controlling the hidden dangers of secondary disasters in the electric power facilities, and do a good job in flood control preparation for the transmission and transformation facilities in the hidden areas. In some mountainous areas of Yongxin County, the power supply group is cleaning up dead wood branches to ensure safe and stable operation of power supply lines during typhoons. Taihe County power supply company also organized a total of 12 power distribution, transmission and substation repair teams, 72 people, 18 emergency vehicles, ready for emergency rescue.
In order to ensure the safety of tourists, relevant counties (cities, districts) scenic areas also responded positively, doing a good job in typhoon response. 11 days from 12 hours, the sheep lion mu, Wugong Mountain golden top, sheep lion mousse Canyon, the grand canyon rafting four scenic spot temporarily closed, suspension of foreign business, and do a good job of evacuation and interpretation of tourists, these scenic spots will be open after the typhoon emergency response to the end. At the Jinshazhou in Jishui, the staff of the Ji'an Ganjiang River Cruise Travel Development Co., Ltd. is stopping the ship into the harbour and anchoring the anchor. The staff of the county port and navigation station also rushed to the site to guide the cruise ship reinforcement, and actively responded to the coming typhoon Maria.
In view of the characteristics of the typhoon weather, the Meteorological Department reminded the public that the citizens should try to reduce the arrival of typhoons, away from the temporary buildings, towers, trees, billboards, etc., to collect mature fruits and vegetables in advance, and harvest more than 85% of the maturity of early rice.
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