Ji'an starts the creation of safe meat demonstration supermarket.

​(reporter Liu Jiao) Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Food and Food Bureau, in order to improve the safety level of meat dishes and boost the confidence of the masses, the city started the work of the demonstration supermarket of safe meat and vegetables.
The project was created for 3 years. By the end of this year, it is the first to complete the creation in Jizhou, Yongfeng, Jishui and Tahe counties; by the end of 2019, it extends to Qingyuan District, Suichuan County, Xin Qian county and Ji'an County, and by the end of 2020, it extends further to Yongxin, Xiajiang, Wan An and Jinggangshan. According to the annual progress of 1/3, there are at least 1 demonstration supermarkets in all counties (cities and districts), so as to realize the full coverage of demonstration supermarkets. By 2020, we will continue to increase the strength of the work and the supervision of the demonstration supermarket, take the dynamic management as the grasp, and promote the long effect mechanism to build the demonstration supermarket to carry out the responsibility of the food safety main body.
It is understood that the object of the activity is a supermarket that has obtained the food business license and has a certain scale of meat dishes. All meat and vegetables sold in the supermarket should be in accordance with the national standard of food safety, and in the year of the declaration and establishment, the situation that the sale of agricultural products were not found because of poor management was not found. After the voluntary declaration by the supermarket, the county (city, district) first trial recommendation, the Municipal Bureau found that after the inspection and acceptance requirements of the Provincial Bureau, the inspection and inspection comply with the requirements of the establishment, sign the decision and public show, the public show no objection, the provincial food safety office, the provincial food and Drug Administration of the trust meat and vegetable demonstration supermarket The title and plaque and the implementation of dynamic management.

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