Wang Shaoxuan presided over the Forum on development of bamboo and tea industry.

​(reporter Cao Suping) On July 11th, the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the municipal Party committee and mayor Wang Shaoxuan held a symposium on the development of Mao bamboo and tea industry, further mastering the development of bamboo and tea industry in the city, understanding the problems and difficulties, and exploring the way of Industrial Development. Vice mayor Wang Dasheng.
To bring you all together today is to listen to the situation and the next plan for the industry of Mao bamboo and tea. We are seeking truth from facts, pointing out the difficulties and problems that exist, and telling the truth and telling the truth around the use of resources, the cultivation of the leading enterprises, the market, and the brand. Wang Shaoxuan's opening remarks made clear the keynote of this symposium.
At the meeting, the Municipal Forestry Bureau and the Municipal Agriculture Bureau briefed the development of Mao bamboo and tea industry respectively. The main leaders of Mao bamboo and tea industry county, the leaders of the relevant municipal units, the enterprises and the representatives of the cooperatives made a speech on the difficulties and problems of the development of Mao bamboo and the tea industry respectively. Wang Shaoxuan listened carefully, asked carefully, and interposed from time to time, aiming at the existing difficulties and problems, talking about opinions, opinions and countermeasures.
Wang Shaoxuan pointed out that the provincial Party committee and the provincial government have great hopes for the city of Mao bamboo and tea industry. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government also attach great importance to it. Ji'an is a big agricultural city. Mao bamboo and tea are our industry. We should further boost the confidence of the industrial development, play a good advantage, make a good deep article and make one production to two or three The industry is advancing smoothly, putting the expectations of the province into practice, and promoting the development of industry and the prosperity of the people.
In order to further promote the development of Mao bamboo and tea industry in our city, Wang Shaoxuan pointed out that we should work hard in seven aspects, namely, building organization, establishing city level bamboo and tea industry development leadership group as soon as possible, establishing industrial association, city and county as a whole, up and down chess, building a platform, taking industrial parks as the core, paying attention to and supporting the tea industrial park, The construction of Mao bamboo base and other platforms, support the enterprise, improve the strength, support the building of the factory building, the equipment purchase, the financial support, the talent introduction, and so on. The tree brand, the regulation of the resources, the management and the brand building as the lifeline of the industrial development; the market, the strong propaganda, the going out and the point to door. Business; excellent policy, city and county two level to support the development of enterprises, talent introduction, R & D input and other aspects of real preferential measures; education, draw lessons from the advanced practice in other areas, to grasp the new mode of new formats, such as the residential economy, industrial town, tourism, health health and so on.
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