​The provincial appraisal team attended the briefing meeting in Jikang, Hu Shizhong and Wang Shaoxuan.

​(reporter Guo Huan) From July 10th to 11th, the provincial appraisal team evaluated the party's armed forces in our city. Party secretary Hu Shizhong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee and mayor Wang Shaoxuan attended the meeting. Zheng Mingsheng, deputy inspector of the general office of the provincial Party committee and Zhang Qingwen, director of the Political Work Bureau of the provincial military region, led the appraisal. Yang Dan, standing committee member and deputy mayor of the municipal Party committee, chaired the meeting and held a forum on the 11 day. Jiang Bo, commander of the municipal Party committee and military division, Zou Tieping, the political commissar of the military sub district, attended the meeting. The principal responsible comrades of the Municipal Bureau of the relevant committee were also present at the meeting.
At the briefing, the provincial evaluation team briefly introduced the basic purpose of the evaluation, its form, contents and requirements. All the participants watched the related film. Zheng Mingsheng spoke at the symposium. Yang Dan made a statement. Jiang Bo reported on the situation of the armed work of the party in our city. The departments concerned, responsible persons, and units in charge of the participating departments, respectively, talked about the situation of the party's armed forces and their highlights, their opinions and suggestions.
After listening carefully to the report of our city, Zheng Mingsheng fully affirmed the achievements made by our party in managing the armed forces. He pointed out that Ji'an made a distinctive feature in the party's management of armed work and made a bright spot. The party, the government and the army are all responsible, endeavor and conscientious to fulfill their duties. The party's armed work has yielded fruitful results, presenting a beautiful picture of the integration of the army and the people and the deep fish and water. Zheng Mingsheng said that for the situation and opinions reflected in the appraisal, the evaluation team can reply and solve the problems and give answers and solutions at the scene. Those that can not be answered and resolved will be reported to the provincial Party committee faithfully. The appraisal team will insist on one ruler to ensure that the evaluation is fair, just and open.
Yang Dan welcomed the arrival of the review team. He demanded that the coordinated connection should be strengthened. The relevant departments and counties (districts) should be implemented to the people, do a good job of coordination and cohesion, around the requirements of the evaluation work, actively communicate and report, and ensure the orderly conduct of the evaluation. We should actively cooperate with the survey and research. In accordance with the requirements, the relevant information should be provided in time, accurately, truthfully and completely, and the questions raised by the examination and evaluation group should be answered objectively, and the relevant information and opinions are reflected, and the verification and confirmation of concrete facts and data are carefully and carefully done. We should take the initiative to do well the service guarantee, and provide strong conditions for the evaluation team to carry out the work. At the same time, we also urge the appraisal team to help us find problems, find problems and point out problems. We will actively correct them in the future work.
During the period of Jilin Province, the provincial appraisal team also evaluated the armed forces of the party in the city through centralization of information, on-site observation and evacuation.

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